Dark Age Productions is our side-label which releases cinematic dark ambient, dungeon synth, medieval fantasy and avant-garde occult music. The releases of DAP are intended to be pure audio and visual art, taking the listener on a psychoacoustic journey to other times and places beyond mundane reality. While not heavy metal, a number of these artist projects are produced by members of the black metal underground.

Originally releasing limited edition cassettes contained in hand crafted packaging throughout it’s early existence from 1994 until 1998. DAP was known for presenting some of the most intriguing experimental releases of the period from artists such as: Akhkharu, Akrabu, Cernunnos Woods, Equitant, Proscriptor, …The Soil Bleeds Black and Valor, among many others.  Those early releases, whenever available, now command high prices in the online collectors market.

In the later part of 2016 DAP made its official return with the release of the “Forest Anthology” compilation by Cernunnos Woods on both pro-printed Cassette and Digipak CD. Since then DAP has been in contact with a number of artists, both new and former, for select reissues of past releases and all new material. Dark Age Productions is looking forward to presenting a number of exciting new releases throughout 2017.

For more information please visit the official Dark Age Productions website

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